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SANJL History

SANJL Sunfish Championships

The Sailing Association of North Jersey Lakes continues its tradition. This year we will again sail four competitive and friendly Sunfish regattas hosted by local sailing clubs. There will be two events in the Spring and two in the Fall. Everyone is welcome. The fleets typically include both novice and experienced sailors.

Come join us for some great racing. See you on the water!

Series Chairman - Derek Jackson - (646) 770 1311 - derekcjackson@hotmail.com

2018 - Regattas      
May 5, 2018 Spruce Run (HSC) - Day 1 Sue Mallows 908 638 5201
May 19, 2018 Green Pond - Day 2* Richard La Bossiere 973 801-9350
Sept 22, 2018 Swartswood Lake - Day 3 Jim Bastnick 201 618 9064
Oct 6, 2018 Highland Lake - Day 4 Mark Buruchian 973 764 7420

*Boats will be power-washed before the Green Pond regatta so arrive early.
No more than 4 races shall be sailed on each race day.
No race shall start after 4:00 PM
Bring your own lunch. (The lunch break may be on the water.)
Coffee and donuts will be provided at registration.

8:30-9:45 am Registration
10:00 am Skippers Meeting
10:30 am 1st Race


2018 - Youth Regattas
Aug 18, 2018 at Highland Lake
8:30-9:45 am Registration
10:00 am Skippers Meeting
10:30 am 1st Race
SANJL Youth Sailing

Started in 1978, the SANJL Youth Regattas help young sailors become experienced self-confident racers. They offer new racers the challenge of competing on different lakes against other new sailors and they offer experienced racers the opportunity to sail with the best young sailors in the area.

This year the tradition continues with two junior regattas. The first is an open regatta. It will be hosted and run by the Hunterdon Sailing Club on Aug 2nd. The next will be the SANJL Youth Championship. It will be held at Mountain Lakes on Aug 10th. The winners of that event will be awarded the perpetual SANJL Youth Championship Trophies (Junior and Midget divisions). These events are a great chance for young sailors to improve their racing skills and make new friends.

SANJL Youth Open Regatta & SANJL Youth Championship
Each event will have a SANJL regatta coach who will provide rigging and sailing advice to any interested racers. Multiple races will be sailed each day. If four races are completed, one throw-out will be used to calculate the standings for the day.

To compete as a Midget, an individual must not have reached his or her 14th birthday by the end of 2018. For Midget Doubles, both skipper and crew must be Midgets. To compete as a Junior sailor, an individual must not have reached his or her 19th birthday by the end of 2018. All sailors must wear USCG approved personal flotation devices at all times when on the water.

SANJL Youth Winners

2015 SANJL Youth Championship at Highland Lakes Country Club
By: Will Kresic

It’s August again, and for junior sunfish sailors that means it’s time for the SANJL Championships. Sailed on a different North Jersey Lake every year, the 2015 Youth Championship was hosted by Highland Lakes on August 22nd. Sailors from four different clubs gathered at the Highland Lakes Clubhouse for a day of competitive racing. Saturday was a beautiful day with a forecasted northeasterly breeze, which is just what happened when the sailors got out on the water. In the morning, the wind filled in strong, overpowering some of the smaller sailors, but everyone enjoyed the great conditions.
The sailors sailed four races around a triangle course before breaking for pizza lunch at the clubhouse. The first two races were won by local sailors – brothers Grant and Robert Wisniewski. The Wisniewski duo were closely followed by some skilled competitors. Teo Waalberg (SR) figured out the race course and won the third and fourth races, both by significant margins. At the end of the fourth race, the competition for the top overall spot saw three sailors separated by only one point. The Midget division was led early on by pint sized JT – another Wisniewski from Highland Lakes. Despite the heavy breeze in the morning, newer sailors Richie Amato (HLCC) and Brennan Chuang (PAK) stuck with it and finished every race, impressing both the coaches and race committee.
In the afternoon, the morning’s heavy breeze calmed into light to moderate gusts, making for lake conditions requiring a technical sailing strategy. Ryan Fisher (SR/H) had a fantastic afternoon, following a fourth place with a second and solidifying his performance for the day. Not to be outdone, Robert Wisniewski took first in both afternoon races. His familiarity with Highland Lake showed, as he won the regatta with three total first places. Grant Wisniewski eeked out second place over Teo Waalberg by only one point. In the Midget division, JT Wisniewski took first place, followed by Declan Mann (HLCC) in second and Brennan Chuang in third. Highland Lakes took home the team trophy for excellent sailing by their top three finishers, Robert Wisniewski, Grant Wisniewski, and Gregory Randazzo.
In addition to the perpetual trophies, four special awards were given out to appreciate the sailing talent present throughout the fleet. First year sailor Hannah Wisniewski took home the Sportsmanship Award for her disappointment in having to come off the water when the morning breeze proved too much for her, and her determination to return for the more manageable afternoon wind. Ryan Fisher won the Best Move Award due to his improvement throughout the day, finishing the last race strong with a second place and fourth overall. The Coach’s Award went to another first year sailor Richie Amato for his improvement throughout the day and his persistence to finish every race. Teo Waalberg received the Extreme Sailing Award for his fantastic morning in the heavy breeze and his excellent sailing abilities.
I would like to thank everyone who came out to help the race committee, including UConn sailing coach Brian Pracon and UConn sailing alumni Vanessa Martinez, Austin Smyth, and Lyndsay Stockwell. A huge thank you as well to Lou Iannucci for providing his pontoon boat, Doug and Sue Brown for coaching on and off the water, and Steve Manson for helping to organize the regatta, as well as to local sailing coordinators Maryjane Kresic for her assistance running the regatta and Sue Buruchian for providing the awards. We hope to see everyone out again next year!
Junior Division

2015 Youth Championships

2014 SANJL Youth Championship at Mountain Lakes

Despite a bleak wind forecast, the 2014 SANJL Youth Championship proved to be one of the most well attended regattas in the history of the event. Competitors traveled from around North Jersey to test their sailing skills at the unique Mountain Lakes venue. At the start of the first race, an astounding 30 youth sailors from 6 sailing clubs fought for their position on the starting line.
With the large turnout at the event came an unexpected easterly breeze, albeit light and shifty. However, the local sailors felt right at home in these conditions.

For the first several races, Race Committee Chairman Derek Jackson and his group of volunteers decided to run a port triangle course around the fixed marks in the lake. The starting line was crowded and most of the sailors found the situation to be quite different from the casual racing they were used to at their home lakes. At the gun, many of the top sailors found themselves in unfavorable positions far from the starting line. However, one sailor, Corrado Fazio of Packanack Lake, managed to get away cleanly by starting on the port side of the line, to leeward of a crowd fighting for the committee boat end of the line.

As the race went on, the top sailors managed to work their way back to the front of the fleet to give Corrado a run for his money. Two of these sailors were James Daniel and David Graf, among the most experienced racers involved with the Mountain Lakes youth program. Having sailed at Mountain Lakes for several years, they were able to use their familiarity with the lake to pull themselves to the front of the fleet, ultimately taking the first and second spots in the race. Corrado held out for third while Jack Bokum and Robert Wisniewski of Highland Lakes rounded out the top five.

Meanwhile, many newer sailors were taking part in their first competitive race. Many of these sailors are part of junior programs such as the Mountain Lakes sailing camp and had been sailing for as few as only a couple weeks. For them, the goal was not to win but simply get into the race and mix it up. All were successful as all competitors finished the race in the time allotted.

After the first race, the sailors took a quick break for lunch. During this time, the kids were able to socialize with sailors from other lakes and laugh about the crazy conditions of the day. Some also took the time to reflect on the triumphs and tragedies of the first race and ask for advice on how to improve.

It was not long before the sailors launched their boats back into the wild world of Mountain Lake. As the start of the second race approached, David Graf, the leader of the regatta, knew that he would still face fierce competition from his opponents Nick Reyes and Drew Schell, who he remembered all too well had defeated him the previous week at Spruce Run. In addition he knew he had to watch out for team Highland Lakes, who always brings a lot of talent to these events.

As the racing continued, there were thrills and frustrations for all, as comes with the territory in sailboat racing. At the end of the day, however, it had become clear who the champion would be. David Graf sailed an incredibly consistent regatta, despite very inconsistent conditions. He ultimately took home the coveted SANJL Junior trophy. Jack Bokum of Highland lakes and Drew Schell of Green Pond also sailed solid regattas, taking the second and third places, respectively.

In the Midget division, Nick Reyes of Hunterdon Sailing Club took home the legendary daggerboard, beating out James Daniel, Luc Bay, and Tyler Murphy of Mountain Lakes.

There was also a new award this year that awarded the top lake based on the scores of its top three sailors. Team Highland Lakes blew everyone away and took home this brand new trophy.

In all, nobody could have asked for a better run junior regatta. Thanks go out to Steve Manson, who spearheaded the organization of the event along with the rest of the volunteer SANJL crew including Derek Jackson, Doug Brown, Simon Bertocci and myself. Additionally, local help was provided by Lisa Graf and Jane Cook of MLSA who ensured that the regatta ran smoothly and Chris Proudlove who was a tremendous help to the Race Committee.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event and we hope to see you at SANJL events in the future!
- Alec Manson

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Trophy Winners:

Junior Division:
1st Place: David Graf
2nd Place: Jack Bokum
3rd Place: Drew Schell
4th Place: Robert Wisniewski
5th Place: Teo Waalberg
6th Place: Corrado Fazio
7th Place: Brant Wisniewski

Midget Division:
1st Place: Nick Reyes
2nd Place: James Daniel
3rd Place: Luc Bay
4th Place: Tyler Murphy
5th Place: JT Wisniewski
6th Place: Gabe Maute
7th Place: Antonio Fazio

Sportsmanship Award: Teo Waalberg
I Sailed Award: Mike Riccardi
Coach's Award: James Daniel
Top Gun Award: David Graf
Top Lake Trophy: Highland Lakes

See Photos of SANJL Warm-Up Regatta the Week Before at HSC

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